Getting Started with TradeStation WebAPI

TradeStation is excited about the endless possibilities our WebAPI Developer Program unleashes for third-party developers.  As part of the TradingApp® Store (, the WebAPI Developer Program provides exposure for third-party products and services to the TradeStation trading community. The WebAPI unlocks the door for accessing TradeStation’s real-time and historical market data, user account and position information, and trading for equities, options, futures and Forex. Third-party trading applications are able to utilize a wealth of market data to perform market analysis, generate historical market representations such as charting or just provide tools that help make trading decisions.  Your trading application can access account and position information as well as route orders via the TradeStation routing network.  We believe traders are always looking for tools to help provide an edge, and we understand there are a wealth of innovative tools that can complement the award-winning TradeStation platform. We’re excited to get you started.

Developers interested in the TradeStation WebAPI can start by reviewing our documentation on ( In addition to documentation, we provide sample code in various coding languages. Developers will find open source code examples in C, C#, Java and others. While we continue to add more examples, our hope is to promote a community that shares information, advice and samples with others.  Code samples can be submitted to the GitHub site ( and will be reviewed for content before being made available to the TradeStation developer community.

  1. TradeStation’s WebAPI employs a commonly used authorization protocol: OAuth 2.0 (learn more by visiting
  2. TradeStation provides a sign-in process similar to other websites that enable users to sign in using their Twitter or Facebook account (“Sign in with Twitter” or “Connect with Facebook”). So your application must have Internet connectivity for clients to sign in.
  3. The API is implemented using the http protocol, with request results consisting of an http status and/or JSON data (learn more by visiting
  4. Access to market data is granted on a per-user basis, which will require your application to manage each user’s access independently, since each user will have a different set of entitlements for market data and tradable asset types.

Registering for the WebAPI

At TradeStation we want to understand your needs and help you build the best trading application possible. Before you register we’ll send you a simple questionnaire so we understand your level of development experience, your expectations for integration and how we can help you succeed. After review you should receive a link for registration to the program. During registration, you’ll have an opportunity to establish user credentials or, for existing customers enter your current information. Once your registration is approved we will send you an authentication key and secret to get started with your development.

Costs  ($21/month, exchange fees for data)

TradeStation is committed to keeping program costs as low as possible.  At this time, there are no fees associated with promoting and selling products on the TradingApp Store.  Developers do incur a low maintenance fee of $21 per month that is assessed for access to the development environment. This allows an approved developer or entity to establish a username and password during the registration process. This can be canceled at any time.

Development can begin utilizing free data available from some exchanges. Subscribing to additional market data can be done on the TradeStation website ( Exchange fees apply as listed on the site.


We currently provide API support via email at and will help you at every step along your development path. In addition, TradeStation offers a WebAPI Developer Forum for developers to communicate with other developers or make suggestions for improving the product offering.

Additional WebAPI developer guidelines can be found at Developer Guidelines.

Is the WebAPI right for you?

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Dale Hinners
Senior Manager of Developer Programs
Dale is Senior Manager for Developer Programs which include FIX and API Integrations. He has worked in the financial industry for 20 years. Originally starting out on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor in the late nineties. The last 9 have been with TradeStation Securities.