2018 TradingApp Store Changes!

Starting in 2018, we will be implementing fee changes and updating product submission guidelines for the TradingApp® Store.

Fee Changes for TradingApp Store Developers

Beginning in April 2018, we will require a one-time registration fee for new developers.  Developers may be allowed to register for one of two programs: TradingApp® Store or Open Platform Developer. All participants are expected to promote TradeStation products through the TradingApp® Store. Both programs allow developers to submit products for compliance review, validation of platform compatibility and to establish code protection provided through automated system operators.

  • Registration fee for new developers:  $139 one-time fee
  • Monthly TradingApp Store Developer (TAS) Fee: $99/month
  • Monthly Open Platform Developer (OPD) Fee: $69/month

Product Submissions Changes

Limits on Premium Products on the Store – New TAS Developers are permitted two premium products on the store. Additional premium products may be submitted after one of the initial products reaches a minimum of 10 paid subscriptions.   All developers may utilize the Exclusive Access product type to provide additional products to your TradeStation customers.  Limiting the total number of products on the Store will improve subscriber experience and make it easier to find great trading products.

The Free product type may only be used after a developer has established a minimum number of paid subscribers.

Open Platform Developer is a legacy program that is being reinstated specifically for developers who are creating EasyLanguage® products and want to take advantage of the TradingApp® Store’s security and delivery functionality. OPDs can only submit Exclusive Access products. The value of this program includes product review, compatibility tests for available platform versions, code encryption and security, and automated product delivery directly to your subscribers using TradeStation.

Approval for the TradingApp® Store or Open Platform Developer programs allows the registered developer or entity to submit one proprietary website for approval and use in conjunction with store products.  All websites should use the latest TradeStation logo and colors.

Developers can be promoted from Open Platform to TradingApp® Store based on affiliate criteria and participation status.

There are no changes to EasyLanguage® Specialist-only developers at this time; however, websites associated with ELS developers should be updated with the latest TradeStation logo and colors.


Dale Hinners
Senior Manager of Developer Programs
Dale is Senior Manager for Developer Programs which include FIX and API Integrations. He has worked in the financial industry for 20 years. Originally starting out on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor in the late nineties. The last 9 have been with TradeStation Securities.