Author: Dale Hinners

2018 TradingApp Store Changes!

Starting in 2018, we will be implementing fee changes and updating product submission guidelines for the TradingApp® Store. Fee Changes for TradingApp Store Developers Beginning in April 2018, we will require a one-time registration fee for new developers.  Developers may be allowed to register for one of two programs: TradingApp® Store or Open Platform… Read more »

WebAPI Developer Guidelines

Data Usage TradeStation WebAPI can be used for a variety of application models and data needs, however there are limitations to how that data can be used.  TradeStation is not in the business of re-vending data. Therefore TradeStation WebAPI should not be used on open websites to provide real-time data.  Most exchanges… Read more »

TradeStation FIX

FIX (Financial Information Exchange Protocol) has become the Financial Industry standard for trade system message delivery and has revolutionized the trading world.  The standardized protocol has alleviated barriers that once made it difficult, costly and time consuming to integrate with exchanges, vendors and application providers.    FIX has evolved as… Read more »