Become a TradingApp Store Developer

As of April 2018, new developers are required to pay a one-time registration fee.  Developers may be allowed to register for one of two programs: TradingApp® Store or Open Platform Developer. All participants are expected to promote TradeStation products through the TradingApp® Store. Both programs allow developers to submit products for compliance review, validation of platform compatibility and to establish code protection provided through our automated system operators.

Registration fee for new developers:  $139 one-time fee

Monthly TradingApp Store Developer (TAS) Fee: $99/month

Monthly Open Platform Developer (OPD) Fee: $69/month

Developer Program Comparison

TradingApp Store Developers are permitted to upload the full range of AppStore products types: Free, Premium, and Exclusive access.

Free products do not have a price associated with them, and may be subscribed to by brokerage and subscription clients alike.

Premium products carry a price and allow for an optional trial period if specified by the developer.

Exclusive access products are hidden on the TradingApp Store website, and access to these products must be granted directly by the developer. Billing for these products is handled entirely outside of TradeStation.

Open Platform Developers may only upload Exclusive Access products. After achieving ten or more simultaneous subscriptions to one or more of their products, the developer can opt to be become a TradingApp Store developer.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in becoming a TradingApp Store or Open Platform developer click the following link to pay your one-time registration fee:

Developer Registration Fee

Notice must be sent via email to confirming your payment and the program you’re applying for. Upon receipt of your payment, a link to the online application will be sent in a reply email.

If you have any questions, please write us at