TradeStation FIXGateway Documentation

FIX is a server-to-server based integration and therefore is generally reserved for Institutional clients.  FIX integration’s require dedicated, secure connectivity.  TradeStation’s preferred connectivity method is a server based Virtual Private Network (“VPN”).  FIX partners must use a hardware based VPN device.  Other forms of connectivity are supported and can be discussed with your representative.

Details of TradeStation’s FIXGateway integration are outlined in this version of the TradeStation FIXAPI (Version 1.6).  This document provides a general overview of TradeStation’s use of the FIX protocol.  While TradeStation FIX follows the standards established by the FIX protocol ( there are some message interactions that are addressed in a proprietary manner. See full details in the FIXAPI document.

Inquiries regarding FIX integration can be sent to