How do I update a product on the TradingApp® Store?

From time to time, you may need to upload a new version of your product. Uploading a new version is as easy as uploading a new product. Here’s what you need to do. First, visit

Upload Version

Find the product you would like too update and click on the Upload Version link in the Action column. This will begin the update process and launch the wizard that resembles the Upload Product wizard.

Upload Version Wiz 1

You will notice that Step 1 is skipped since we have already determined the type of product this is based on your initial upload. With Step 2, you can provide a set of ELDs and DLLs (depending on your needs). Please note: If you only want to update your description, documents, or images you will need to provide the previous ELDs and DLLs to continue.

Upload Version Wiz Product Fingerprint

It is important to note that uploading a new version of your product requires you to maintain previously uploaded components. We call this the Product Fingerprint. This restriction is in place to help clients maintain a good user experience from update to update by not removing components. Imagine if a TradingApp was removed from one update to the other. The subscriber would lose access to the TradingApp which could lead to confusion and support calls. If you need to deprecate an indicator or function, we suggest that you include the indicator or function with minimal code. For an indicator, we suggest displaying some text that tells the subscriber what to do (“This indicator is no longer available” or “Please replace this indicator with X”).

Update Version Wiz Step 3

On Step 3, you can update the number of days for your free trial (or remove them, if you would like) and the description. Please note that these changes only apply to new free trials and will not affect clients who are currently participating in trials. If a client is currently participating in a 10 day trial and you decide to remove or lower the number of days, he will not be affected and will continue with the duration that was defined when he started the trial. You will be required to provide a What’s New. It doesn’t need to be long, but it should convey what’s changed between one version and the next.

Upload Version Wiz 4


Upload Version Wiz 5 1

Steps 4 and 5 are prefilled for your convenience with the exception of the workspace. You can add or remove documents, icon, or images or click next to use the ones from your previous upload. Please note: If you provided a workspace when you originally uploaded your product, you will need to provide it again. 

Upload Version Wiz 6

Step 6 lets you review your changes. Click on the submit button in order to submit your new version. Please remember that each version is reviewed by Compliance and may take up to 48 hours.

Frank Fernandez
Director of Developer Platforms