How do I upload a product to the TradingApp® Store?

Uploading a product to the TradingApp Store is an easy six step process. To get started, visit:

Upload Product Step1

The first step when uploading a product is to choose the type of product you wish to upload. Your choices are premium, free, or exclusive access. Premium products are products that have a subscription price, while free products are products that do not have a price. Please keep in mind that free products can never be assigned a price. Exclusive access products are somewhat different than premium or free products, so I will discuss them in another post. For this example, we will pick the premium option. Select the premium option and click Next.

Upload Step 2

Step 2 allows you to upload up to three files that are any combination of ELD and DLL files.

Upload Step 2 Loading

During this process, we will inspect your ELD file(s) and display a list of the analysis techniques contained within. We will also keep track of the TradeStation platform version the ELD was exported with. This may be used to determine the minimum requirements of your product if it does not include a workspace in Step 5 (workspaces are only optional for products that contain TradingApps).

Upload Step 3


Step 3 allows you to provide the Name, Price, Detailed Description, and whether you want to provide a free trial or not. There is no restriction to the number of days for a free trial. You can specify one day and up. Also note that you must specify a price. You can change the price at any time after your product has been uploaded, but it will take 30 days to take effect. We do this in order to alert your subscribers to the price change in case they no longer wish to continue their subscription.

Upload Step 4


Step 4 provides categories and filters that can be associated with your product. You can choose up to three categories, four filters (based on asset class), a style (Intraday, Swing Trading, or Long Term), and your product’s methodology (Trend, Counter Trend, or Other). These categories and filters provide the basis for how we display your product in the TradingApp Store.

Upload Step 5


Step 5 is where you have the ability to upload:

  • A workspace (which can be omitted if you include a TradingApp)
  • Support documents, which can either be PDFs or Microsoft Word documents. These documents should provide additional technical and setup details regarding your product.
  • An icon that will be displayed in the TradingApp Store. Please note that this icons could be different than the icon included with a TradingApp.
  • Product Images, which should be used to illustrate your product offering.

Upload Step 6


Step 6 lets you review all of the uploaded content. Make sure that all of the settings are correct and click on the Submit button. After submitting, our Compliance Department will review your submission to ensure that it complies with standard financial regulations. Once approved, we will process your product through our automated system so that it is prepared for delivery to your subscribers. If either Compliance or the automated process finds a problem with your content or product, you will receive a rejection email with details regarding the rejection. Please correct the problem and upload a new version of the same product. Please note that compliance approvals can take up to 48 hours.

Frank Fernandez
Director of Developer Platforms