Introducing the TradeStation WebAPI

The TradeStation WebAPI exists to become the ubiquitous source for financial data.

If you’re a developer, we know you want to spend your precious time working on your core app instead of integrating with different data sources. We have the data infrastructure covered as well, so you don’t have to deal with any of that hassle. When your app plugs into the TradeStation WebAPI, you can be confident that you will get immediate access to the financial data you need in a convenient data format. Take a look at our collection of open source code samples that get you started quickly.

The TradeStation WebAPI powers the TradeStation WebTrading (TradeStation account required) application and the TradeStation iOS app. As we continue to develop WebTrading and the iOS app, we will be adding more functionality to the TradeStation WebAPI as well. This means that the same functionality you see available there will be available to your app as well.

Do you need any help along the way? Our technical documentation can be found on GitHub. Connect with the team or get started with the TradeStation WebAPI by e-mailing us or discuss your app on our forums with other developers that are using the TradeStation WebAPI.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and learning about your app that will change the world!