Open Platform Developer (OPD) is a TradingApp Store developer status that allows developers to submit Exclusive Access versions of strategies, indicators or TradingApps for review and processing through the store. Exclusive Access products are code protected, reviewed for content and undergo automated validation to ensure platform compatibility. This allows developers to provide subscriptions of products directly to TradeStation users though the TradingApp Store delivery process. However, exclusive access products are not visible on the storefront.

Exclusive Access products are often used by developers who are working directly with customers, who want to charge subscription fees not on a monthly basis (i.e., quarterly or yearly) as supported by the store, or, in this case, for the purposes of code protection and delivery functions provided by the TradingApp Store.

OPDs are considered TradingApp Store developers and therefore may submit one proprietary website for review and approval in conjunction with the developer’s TradingApp Store profile and documentation. Approved websites may use the TradeStation logo and banners for display to customers.

Open Platform Developers must subscribe to the “OPDev Tradingapp,” which strictly serves as a medium for payment processing for program participation. As of April 1, 2018, the fee to participate in the Open Platform Developer program is $69 per month. OPDs are required to maintain a minimum brokerage account balance to facilitate program payment.

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