Simple Example to Get a Quote

The TradeStation WebAPI will work with any programming language that can make an HTTP Request and receive an HTTP Response. In order to get started though, you will need to get your app authenticated and authorized, which could be a little challenging if you have never dealt with OAuth2 in other WebAPIs before.

The two most commonly used ways to authenticate an app is by following the Authorization Code or Implicit grant types. The Implicit grant type is appropriate for applications that do not have a server component (like a javascript single page app on the web or a desktop/mobile app). Check out more information on the Implicit grant type on our documentation site. The Authorization Code grant type is appropriate for apps that do have a server component that interacts with your client app. You can also learn more about the Authorization Code grant type on our documentation site.

After you have received the access token from the WebAPI, simply go to this URL in your browser and you will get the quote data:

Simulated Environment$indu?oauth_token=your_access_token_fits_here

Live Environment$indu?oauth_token=your_access_token_fits_here

If you want to learn more about what you can do with the /data/quote endpoint, please review this page on our documentation site.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or discuss this in our forums.