TradingApp® Store FAQ

  1. How do I register to participate in the TradeStation TradingApp Store?
    You will need to follow the instructions for registering as a participating developer, and you will be notified if you are accepted.
  2. How do I submit my product?
    Once you are registered and have been accepted as a TradingApp Store developer, you can visit to upload a product. A wizard will guide you through the steps in the upload process. Once your product is uploaded, we will review the information you provided and prepare your product for delivery to a client.
  3. What are the technical requirements for submitting a product to the TradeStation TradingApp Store?
    In order for your product to reach our clients, it must fulfill the following technical requirements:

    • The uploaded product must include an ELD file which contains one or more analysis techniques.
    • The names of the analysis techniques submitted with your product must be unique and not conflict with any analysis technique names included in the TradeStation platform.
    • The uploaded product must include a workspace (unless it is a TradingApp window) that references at least one of the analysis techniques located within your ELD file.

    Please note that no additional validations will be performed on your product. You must ensure that your code does not generate any runtime errors or exceptions since they will not be caught by our automated system.

  4. Does the product name have to be the same as the EasyLanguage name?
  5. Can I lease a product that does not have a strategy?
    Yes. The TradeStation TradingApp Store supports the following analysis technique types: TradingApp, Strategy, Indicator, ShowMe, PaintBar, ActivityBar and ProbabilityMap. Your product can consist of one or more of these types.
  6. Does the TradingApp Store support TradeStation applications like RadarScreen?
    Yes. The TradeStation TradingApp Store supports RadarScreen, Scanner and OptionStation Analysis (Indicators only).
  7. Should I include the contract month when submitting a product associated with a futures symbol?
    It’s up to your discretion. Please keep in mind that the primary symbol that you associate with your product cannot be changed without submitting a new product (i.e., you cannot change it by providing a new version). Therefore, we suggest that you use the continuous contract instead. You can always provide detailed instructions for your product in the form of support documents that can include information regarding which symbols to use and when.
  8. Does my EasyLanguage code need to be unprotected in order to upload it to the TradeStation TradingApp Store?
    Yes. In order for your code to be posted in binary format on the TradeStation TradingApp Store, you will need to upload unprotected code. The process is handled entirely by computers without human intervention.When a customer subscribes to a product, the TradeStation TradingApp Store will deliver a pre-built product to the subscriber’s TradeStation platform. The product will not include any of the submitted source code and cannot be used until it is authenticated. In order to authenticate the product, the subscriber must authenticate and connect to the TradeStation Data Network and the TradeStation TradingApp Store simultaneously. Only then will the TradeStation platform enable the product’s functionality and grant the subscriber the ability to apply it.
  9. Can I make reference to client account numbers in my EasyLanguage code?
    You may not make reference to client account numbers in your EasyLanguage code. The TradeStation TradingApp Store will deliver your product to a client’s computer and manage access to it based on the validity of client’s subscription.
  10. Am I required to offer a free trial and how long can a trial last?
    Free trials are optional. You can specify your free trial settings when uploading your product to the TradeStation TradingApp Store. There are also no restrictions as to how long a free trial can last, but it must last at least one day. Each client can participate in only one free trial for each of your products. If you feel like removing the ability to participate in a free trial or wish to modify the duration, you must upload a new version of the product to modify the free trial settings. Please note that all modifications made will only apply to new clients attempting to participate in a free trial. Existing client free trials will last as long as was specified when they started the free trial for your product.
  11. How do I provide the TradeStation TradingApp Store with changes to my product once it has been posted?
    You can visit the Manage Products page. Find the product you wish to modify and click the “Upload Version” link located in the Actions column. Follow the “Upload a New Version” wizard to complete the process. Once a new version of your product is uploaded, we will begin the entire review process again and, upon acceptance, we will update the website with the product information included with the new version and deliver it to your subscribers. Previous versions will be available to all subscribers until you choose to expire them.
  12. Can I change the price of my product once it has been submitted?
    Yes. To change the price of a product, please visit Manage Products.
  13. How many products can I submit?
    As many as you would like.
  14. How much of the subscription fee will I receive?
    You will receive 100% of the monthly subscription fee paid by each subscriber for your product.
  15. What is the client refund policy?
    Subscriber support and service will be provided directly by the developer, not the TradeStation TradingApp Store. If for any reason the client is dissatisfied with such terms and conditions and gives us notice of that fact (and cancellation) within 10 days of subscribing, they will be entitled to cancellation and a full refund of the first month’s subscription payment. This amount will be deducted from your payment.
  16. What happens if a TradeStation customer has questions about my product?
    Subscribers will have your contact information to contact you directly. Only you should answer those
  17. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the program or my product?
    You may contact with questions regarding the TradeStation TradingApp Store or your product.
  18. When I register as a participating developer on the TradeStation TradingApp Store, will the exchanges (market data services) consider me a “professional”?
    All developers participating on the TradeStation TradingApp Store, regardless of whether you register as an individual or type of legal entity (corporation, partnership or limited liability company), will be deemed a “professional” as defined by the exchanges.You have the option to choose not to receive any real-time market data services.  If you choose not to receive any real-time data, you will receive any delayed data that is offered at no charge by the various exchanges that offer such data.  If you do choose to receive real-time market data from an exchange, you will also receive any free delayed data from all other exchanges that offer such data.During the registration process, you will not be required to select which data services you wish to receive. This can be done during the TradeStation download process, when you will be prompted to select which market data services you wish to receive, and when you will also have time to review the complete list of such services along with their pricing.