Attention TradingApp Store Developers

What’s Changing

Effective end of March 2022, all new TradingApp Store applications, developers and new subscriptions will be halted. This means all TradingApp Store products will no longer be available for new subscribers or new developers. Additionally, beginning in April 2022, we will no longer be approving new versions of existing products. Existing subscribers will maintain access to their active TradingApp Store applications until September 2022.

After September 2022 all subscriptions and payments will be cancelled, and users will no longer have access to any TradingApp Store products. All TradingApp Store products will be closed and unusable to users.


  • Monthly developer fees have already been stopped as of February 2022.
  • Effective April 2022 – New subscriptions for all products on the TAS will be halted.
    • The TradingApp store website has been shut down, users will no longer be able to subscribe to apps. This will be in effect for both Strategy Network and Open Developers.
    • Versions updates for existing products will no longer be approved.
    • Users will still retain access and be able to manage their existing subscriptions until Sept 2022, but not initiate a new subscription.
    • Existing subscriptions payments for Strategy Network Developers will still be paid out until September 2022.
  • End of April 2022 – The Developer Center website will be updated to prevent new products uploads.
  • Effective end of September 2022 – All products and subscriptions within the TradingApp store will be effectively removed and unusable to users.
    • User subscription payments will be stopped.
    • Users will lose access to all TradingApps that they were subscribed to.