Introducing the TradingApp® Store

The TradeStation TradingApp Store is a true marketplace with many potential benefits for TradeStation traders and product developers. Located in a website that is easily accessible from its affiliated website, the TradeStation TradingApp Store provides the brokerage clients of our affiliate, TradeStation Securities, with a fast, easy way to view, in one place, a variety of products offered by developers.

Your products will be arranged on the site by client ratings, and clients will also be able to filter products by market and style or by sorting on many fields. For each product listed, you will have the option to offer clients free trials to your products, allowing them to try each one in a simulated environment for a limited amount of time.

Best of all, TradeStation clients can subscribe to your product with just a few mouse clicks. Once a client has subscribed, your product will automatically be downloaded and imported into the TradeStation platform, making it seamless to your subscribers.

Program Details

Accessing the TradeStation TradingApp Store
The TradeStation TradingApp Store will be accessible from its affiliated website, TradeStation clients who are drawn to the company’s proposition that rule-based trading is a better way to trade will, we believe, have greater access to your products than ever before.

You Keep 100% of the Monthly Subscription Payment
That’s right—you keep the entire monthly subscription payment for your product. We take care of the collection and payment to you. Here’s how it works. Each month, we’ll send you a check for fees we collect from paying subscribers for the previous month. In one easy-to-use area, you can track the number of subscribers to your product and upload new versions with notes and documentation.

How We Handle Your EasyLanguage Code
Your product will be stored and downloaded to subscribers in binary form. Subscribers to your product should not be able to read or export your EasyLanguage code.

Getting Started Is Easy
The TradeStation TradingApp Store is a new opportunity to offer subscriptions for your products to more TradeStation clients. Take the first step to become part of the TradeStation TradingApp Store today.


Read our FAQ page for more information regarding the TradeStation TradingApp Store Developer Program.

Note: In order to become a participating developer in the TradeStation TradingApp Store, you must agree to the Agreement for Developers Who Participate on TradeStation TradingApp Store. You understand that this is a legal, valid and binding contract that creates important obligations on your part, and creates right and remedies against you in favor of TradeStation Technologies and its affiliates.