WebAPI Developer Guidelines

Data Usage

TradeStation WebAPI can be used for a variety of application models and data needs, however there are limitations to how that data can be used.  TradeStation is not in the business of re-vending data. Therefore TradeStation WebAPI should not be used on open websites to provide real-time data.  Most exchanges charge for data on a per user basis so subscribers pay subscription fees based on those fees.

Company Websites

Company websites submitted to TradeStation are considered communication and must be approved by TradeStation’s Compliance department before they can be used in conjunction with TradeStation or TradingApp® Store material.  Websites that promote trading must have Trading Risk Disclaimers prominently displayed on the website.  Content within a site must be “Fair and Balanced” and should not make any misleading communication intended to persuade customers.  If performance metrics are displayed, the site should have Hypothetical Disclaimers and provide information about how the data was generated and collected.  If more than three months of actual trading data is available no hypothetical data should be used.

The WebAPI is part of the TradeStation Developer Program and therefore all developer guidelines apply.  For the current Developer Program Guidelines see Guidelines_For_Acceptance.