Welcome to the TradeStation Developer Center

In the world of electronic trading, TradeStation has a unique history. TradeStation was founded to provide traders with the tools to build and test their own strategies. Designed for developers and traders at heart, the TradeStation platform is built to allow traders to create and test indicators, trading strategies, and studies and charts, based on rules and market data. Those who want to share their ideas have the opportunity to be a part of our developer programs. These programs – TradingApp® Store (TAS), Open Platform Developer (OPD) and EasyLanguage® Specialist (ESL) – allow developers access to the TradeStation community. The value of these programs for developers includes product reviews, chat groups, compatibility tests for available platform versions, code encryption and security, and automated product delivery directly to subscribers using TradeStation.

James Flax
Senior Business Manager
James Flax Senior Business Operations Manager. James has over 25 years of trading and technology experience, working for industry leaders like Spear, Leeds & Kellogg and Goldman Sachs. His background is in securities operations and market technologies, Specializing in equities, futures and option trading. At TradeStation, James focuses on developer programs and educational oversight.