What is the state of my product?

Keeping track of the state of your product upload is important. Each state lets you know which step of the process you are on. Let’s look at the states…

Pending Approval


In this example, we have uploaded a new update for our product. We call these updates versions. When you upload a new product or version you can check the status of the product by expanding the product row by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the product name. This will expand the row and provide additional details regarding the product. Make sure that the Versions tab is selected. In the image above you will see that the product has 2 versions. Version 1 was the initial product upload while version 2 is a new version that has just been uploaded. The Pending Approval state lets you know that your product was received by our servers and that it is now awaiting compliance approval. This can usually take up to 48 hours.



There are times in which your product might be rejected. It will either happen during our compliance review or during our automated packaging process. You cannot correct a rejected status for a version, you will need to upload a new version of your product with the appropriate corrections in order for your product to reach our clients.


Approved The approved status is displayed when a compliance officer has reviewed your product and has determined that it complies with regulatory rules and business guidelines which are required for your product to reach the store. Once approved, our automated process will generate the packaged product that will be delivered to your subscribers.



Once your product version is active, your current customers will receive a notification for them to update your product to the latest version. New customers will only be able to download the latest active version of your product. Note that previous versions will be considered “Inactive” which means that if a customer has downloaded that specific product version, he/she will be able to continue using that version but will be prompted to update. Updates can either be manually applied or will be automatically applied if the customer updates their TradeStation platform.

Active Capped

Active Capped

There are times that your product may be restricted from acquiring new subscriptions or free trials. This may be due to a regulatory or business review. You can also request that your product be placed in this state by contacting us via email.



At some point you may want to close your product. This means that the product is no longer available and all subscriptions have been terminated.

Frank Fernandez
Director of Developer Platforms