New TradeStation Logo and Colors

We require all Developer Programs Partners to update individual or company websites with the new TradeStation logo and colors. TradeStation recently updated its logo, colors, and website with a more modern look and feel. Developers with an approved website can now choose from an array of high-quality graphics to highlight your integration with TradeStation.

TS Logos Soft Edge

Additionally, please update any product documentation with the new logo if used for your TradingApp® Store products.

Click here to access our downloadable logo files and review our corporate branding policies and guidelines.



James Flax
Senior Business Manager
James Flax Senior Business Operations Manager. James has over 25 years of trading and technology experience, working for industry leaders like Spear, Leeds & Kellogg and Goldman Sachs. His background is in securities operations and market technologies, Specializing in equities, futures and option trading. At TradeStation, James focuses on developer programs and educational oversight.