What kind of products can I upload?

The TradingApp® Store supports many different product types and content.


There are three types of products: free, premium, and exclusive access.

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Free products are, well, free. They do not have a price and can be installed by any TradeStation customer, including customers that subscribe to the TradeStation desktop platform without a brokerage account. You cannot change the price of a free product. It will always be free.


Premium products are products that have a subscription price. These products can also have a free trial that can last from 1 day to 99999 days. It’s really up to you. You can change the price of these products whenever you want, but the price change will not take effect for 30 days. It’s important to note that customers can try products that offer free trials without a brokerage account but will need to open an account in order to subscribe to the product.

Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access products are private products that do not take advantage of the billing/payment portion of the site. They are private products that cannot be found when searching the site. The only way to access them is by visiting the product’s URL, which is only sent to customers who have been granted access to the product by the developer. These products leverage the TradingApp Store’s security and delivery mechanism and are great for developers who negotiate and collect fees outside of the supported billing/payment system that is available through the store. This product type is best used as a way to deliver custom code to a select few.


With the three product types you can create many different product offerings. You will need to decide how you will package them.

Sample Content

What can I upload?

Each product can have up to three program files. These files can be any combination of ELD or DLL files. You will at least need to provide one ELD file with the EasyLanguage® code that will make up your product. Each ELD can have many different strategies, analysis techniques, TradingApps, and even functions. You are not limited to just one, but you may want to start with one for a simple product.

My first product

A simple product could include just one component, like a standard TradingApp. You can export your TradingApp using the TradeStation Development Environment to create your ELD file. Another example could include a strategy or an indicator. It can also be a combination of components. You could have an indicator and strategy that work with a TradingApp. These three components can be exported and uploaded as a single product to the TradingApp Store.

Bundling products

Once you have decided which products to lease, you may want to bundle some products together to provide them at a discount. We suggest that you create a new product with the components from multiple uploaded products exported into a single ELD file. This way, you can upload a bundle as a new product and price it accordingly.

Ready to upload a product?

To learn more about uploading or updating a product, visit the following links:

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